20 04, 2017

Finding the Right Prospects

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In the last post we looked at how to use Search and Social to find your audience online.  That approach is great, if your audience uses FaceBook.  What if they don’t? What if you’re looking to connect with professionals in specific roles, possibly within a specific industry? The obvious place to look for them is on LinkedIn, the network for professionals, where you use the powerful search facilities of the network itself to find the right prospects. Here’s how.…  You know who you’re looking for, either by: Their job title The organisation they belong to, or Their area of [...]

12 04, 2017

Finding your Target Market Online

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With the Audience First approach to building your list, your first find and engage your audience online, then develop your product or service offerings to meet their needs and wants.  It’s a longterm game, one that suits an expert business, where sharing your expertise and making an impact is your life’s work.  In last week’s post we considered ways to find your market online and get to know what they want.  It’s a guessing game, where initially, you adopt passive and active strategies to find and get to know them and what they want.  Once you know your offer [...]

5 04, 2017

List Building Made Simple

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When you play the game of building a list, it’s best to use the right strategy.  Last week, we looked at two strategies for playing the big game — The old school Product First Strategy that often leads to frustration and disappointment and The softer Audience First Strategy that makes it much easier to get your product/service offerings right for your market. Let’s do it the easy way — audience first.  For those of you relatively new either to business or to online marketing, that begs the question: Where do I find that audience online? I’ll be honest with [...]